Slides not fitting in window when developing project

Help! I cannot figure out why some of my slides in a scene fit perfectly in the workspace window as I am developing my project and some do not. I would like all of my slides to fit in the window without having to use the scroll bar and scroll left and right to see the all the contents of a slide. Thank you in advance.

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Kristin Koeleman

Thank you for this - but I probably should have clarified that this is happening as I am creating a project, not after I publish. In my "workspace" - where you see the slide you are currently working on - some slides fit 100% in the window, I do not have to scroll to the left or right to see the whole thing. And then others I have to scroll back and forth to see all content on the slide. I have had this happen if I have an image hanging off the edge of a slide, but all of my images are within the slide area. See attached - #1 is fine, #2 makes me scroll to the right to see the rest of the slide.