Space bar takes user to the next slide

We have an assessment created and we want to prevent users from advancing to the next slide until they have selected one of the answers. Once projects start, the user can advance through the whole assessment by using a space bar without answering any questions. Fortunately, it will have them fail and they will need to retake, but it does reveal all the questions. Once users do click on any of the slides Submit button, then the ability to use the space bar to advance through the assessment is no longer available (you must complete the question before submitting). Is this a bug and or workaround exists for this issue?

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Guntis!

Great question! There are multiple ways to approach this for regular slides.

  • First, you could disable the navigation buttons until the user has finished the question, when the timeline ends, etc. Each of these changes is based on the slide so each trigger is created differently based on the contents of the slide. 
  • You could also lock or restrict the player using the Player Properties. This would not allow your users to move through the course until certain conditions are met. 
  • Another option is to disable the navigation buttons until a user has met certain guidelines. This option shows the navigation buttons but they aren't responsive.

As I said, multiple ways to approach this build for regular slides! We have noticed this issue in quiz slides where a user can use the space bar to move through the course. This is a known bug that our team is looking into, so I'll make sure to add this conversation to the report.  We'll update this discussion if we hear of more details!