"Start recording in 1 second...." or not.

Hi, Group.

I have been happily using Storyline for about a year now, and I have noticed a problem that seems to be worsening...and today it's worse than ever.  It concerns creating audio recordings using Insert > Audio > Record Microphone.  I press the red radio button to begin recording, and it presents a message, "Start recording in 2 seconds", then "Start recording in 1 second"...then it remains on that message for LOOOONG periods of time before recording. It's not frozen, but it just remains on that message. Usually it eventually records, but today it was so long that I closed Storyline, rebooted my system and kept trying until it finally worked. When this happens, it is usually just the first time I'm recording during the session, then after that the lag is greatly reduced. If I stop recording for a period of time and try to create a new recording, the problem begins anew.

The microphone does not seem to make a difference.

Any ideas? Thank you.

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