States on shapes controlled by variables and triggers - not working...

In my course, I have shapes (Ovals) in a menu slide with states 'Normal, 'Hover' and 'Seen'. I want the 'Seen' state to appear then the learner reaches certain points in the course. 

For instance, in a video slide, I want the learner to watch at least 30 sec of the video before the state of 'Oval 01' changes to 'Seen'. So I created a true-false variable called 'Seen_Video_2A' to control this, which is initially set to 'False'. On the video slide, I have a trigger to adjust variable to 'True' when the timeline reaches 30 sec. On the menu slide, I have a trigger set to change the state of 'Oval 01' to 'Seen' when the variable changes. 

See attached image and .story.

Can someone help me troubleshoot this, please?

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