Stop Media - Odd when revisiting the slide

Hello, We have a slide that has multiple layers. When the user clicks on a layer, a stop media trigger is used to stop the media on the original layer. After the user has visited all of the layers (which we make them do) and leaves the slide but then if they come back to the slide, the audio on the main layer doesn't play, you see the seekbar going, so if you click it, it begins to play. But then if you click any of the layers, the audio plays overtop of the other audio.  The Stop media no longer works.  As far as setting at the slide level, we have reset to initial state when revisiting.  Now i know its rare that someone will revisit the slide, but in the case that it does, i'd like to fix. Have i just found a glitch?

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Walt Hamilton

Rather than use a trigger to stop the media, set the layer to stop the baseline timeline. The media can stop independently of the slide timeline, but it cannot continue when the slide timeline stops.

All the layers need to be set to stop baseline timeline, and when the final one closes, the timeline will resume.  If the learner jumps from the last layer to another slide, hide the layer before the jump. Don't set layers to prevent clicking on base, or hide objects on base, or you will get the results you describe.

Adam Larson

So instead of stop media, we should use pause timeline.  Got it. I'll give that a shot. There are a number of slide through a set of courses they did this on. As far as the layer, they want to force the user to look at all the layers before going forward.  Hopefully the pause timeline won't affect it.  Thanks for the help.

Walt Hamilton

Pausing the timeline on the base only stops the base timeline and only for as long as the layer is showing. That's why if you go from layer to layer, each layer has to pause the timeline. Be sure to use the layer setting to pause the timeline, rather than a trigger. If you write a trigger to stop it, you'll have to write more of them to start it.