Stopping the base layer timeline

Hi all,

I'm looking to submit a feature request for having layers stop the base layer timeline, rather than just pausing it. This is so users who know what they're doing (or staff member demonstrating a course) don't get the initial audio instructions continuing to play when they go back to the base layer.

Just checking this hasn't already been looked at/solved, and whether others would find it useful


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Dennis Hall

Hi Tamara:

It sounds like you do not want to stop the timeline, but just the audio.

There is no need for a feature request.

There is already a Trigger to stop media.

You can:

1. Add the stop media trigger when the user clicks an object

2. Then add the Show layer trigger after the stop media trigger


1. Setup the Show Layer trigger

2. Then on that layer, add the Stop Media trigger when the timeline starts

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall