Storyline 2 and Totara/Moodle 2.6 Display Issues?

I've been retained by a local client who is using Totara (Moodle 2.6).  There were seeing weird course display issues with SL1 courses (e.g., parts of courses were getting cut off). 

I'm supposed to document and make recommendations so Storyline courses display well on PC/laptops as Flash or HTML5, and in iPads and Android tablets as HTML5 in their Totara system (Moodle 2.6).

After seeing some of the earlier problems they got, and some earlier posts here in the forum on display problems with SL1 courses in Moodle, I was expecting problems and a lot of frustration.

HOWEVER, I'm getting GREAT results so far using Storyline 2.  I know the Articulate wizards did great work with SL2 in getting things to display better with many LMS content frames.  So, so far, they've made my job a whole heck of a lot easier and I appreciate it.  :)

So, is everyone else seeing the same great results in displaying Storyline 2 courses in Moodle 2.6?  Did SL2 fix the display problems you had earlier?  Or are folks seeing some display problems with SL2 courses?

I've been testing with Windows PCs and laptops with IE10, IE11, FireFox and Chrome; an iPad 2 with iOS 7;.1 an iPad4 with iOS 8.1; and an Nexus 9 tablet with Android 5 (Lollipop).  (Don't have access yet to Android tablets with Jelly Bean or KitKat, which SL supports.)

In Moodle, I'm having the courses launch in their own window with no navigation.  Instead of using %'s for height and width, I'm using and exact pixels size (1024 x 768) and so far (knock on wood) that's working.

But I'm far from being an expert on Moodle yet.  The LMS is still too new to me so I need to be sure I'm not doing anything wrong.

I'm testing four course scenarios and trying to fill the course frame as best as possible in all the devices:

  • Courses with the side menu and default Storyline navigation (default course size 720 x 540)
  • Courses with the side menu and custom navigation (default course size 720 x 540)
  • Courses with no side menu and with custom navigation (custom course size 960 x 600)
  • Course with no side menu and with default Storyline navigation (custom course size (960 x 540).

So, am I off base here?  Are my settings wrong?  Are there still display issues with SL2 courses in Totara/Moodle 2.6?

TIA for any feedback, advice and recommendations.


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Gerry Wasiluk

Thanks, Ashley!  :)  Hope the lack of replies means folks are having no issues.

In my original post, I forgot to mention that my player settings were also Browser size = "Display at user's current browser size" and player size =  "Lock player at optimal size."

Actually, all the combinations of player settings worked well in my testing.  Again, GREAT work, Articulate! :)

I've also seen only two weird anomalies that would pop up now and then.  Not showstoppers--just minor learner inconveniences . . 

1) On the Nexus 9, with Google Chrome as the browser, the content was displaying just fine in landscape orientation, filling the whole screen. But then one day it launched in a reduced state. It was only taking up 1/3 of the upper browser window in landscape mode.

Turning the Android to portrait and then back to landscape orientation "fixed" that. But then I'd launch another course, one that displayed fine previously in landscape, and the problem would come back.

So I then uninstalled and reinstalled Google Chrome and the problem went away. For a while. Eventually it came back.  Then uninstalled and reinstalled Chrome again and it went away (at least for now).

2)  The same thing sort of happened with the latest version of FireFox. A test course would display correctly and then suddenly it would launch in a new window in less than full size (it came up with scroll bars). Expanding the browser window displayed the entire course properly.

I just cleared my FireFox cache and the issue seems to be "fixed."


Again, I consider these minor learner inconveniences, as I prefer courses launching for learners optimally-sized from the start.  Not sure what is going on but if we have to live with these, it wouldn't be bad, IMVHO. :)


Ashley Terwilliger

Thanks Gerry for the feedback and additional info. I also haven't seen the issue you mentioned in regards to landscape vs. portrait, and am more of an Apple person I barely know how to use my Android tablet. ;-) Keep us posted if you're unable to switch it or if it becomes a more persistent problem!