Storyline 2 drag-and-drop quiz question - drag items issue

I am building some drag-and-drop questions into a larger exam. I have multiple drag objects to be sorted over images. What I noticed that once they were initially placed (but not submitted), that I cannot consistently grab the individual drag objects to move them around after the initial placement. For some it works, for others the mouse might be on one object and a totally different object moves. 

Has anyone had this issue and how did you deal with it? 
I rebuilt the slide and the same is happening. 

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Petra Mayer

Hi Wendy. 

they were not overlapping. I have now totally reformatted the file and have removed that they snap back to their origin when placed outside of a drop target. That has made the slide workable. However, not our preference, I think. 

The funny thing is that it seemed to work and now it is no longer working as intended. Is it possible that a project with many quiz questions (we have 41) may get a bit instable?


Wendy Farmer

Hi Petra

there is always the possibility of a slide or project becoming corrupt but if you follow the rules of working locally and saving your file, not keeping the file open overnight it can help.

Have you tried creating a new project file and importing your slides in - maybe that will flush out any gremlins and give you a clean slate to start with.