Storyline 2 - Glossary listing order.

Hi, I'm still learning the finer points of Storyline 2, so apologies if this has been asked before. I'm building a glossary for an interactivity that opens three layers on a single page in a sequence. I would like to align the three headings and their definitions in the glossary to reflect the order the layers open rather than the default alphabetical order the glossary lists the headings. Is that possible?

Thanks in anticipation, Ian.

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Ian Matthews

Hi Wendy and thank-you for taking the time to reply to my post.

Your 'numbering' solution is the one I had gone for if there was no way of getting away from the default alphabetical ordering of the glossary. I'm not (yet) familiar with using a custom glossary - I may need to investigate that further.

A more elegant solution would be to be able to link glossary and perhaps notes at page level rather than as a part of the player - that would provide for full customization where the detail is needed. One for Storyline 3 perhaps!

My thanks again.


Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Wendy and Ian,

Ian, regarding your comment on linking terms at the page level, please join me and others who have submitted feature requests to do just that.

Wendy, tx for providing some links for Ian ... for some reason they aren't working for me. Perhaps it's something at my end.

Ian, Super Hero Jeff Kortenbosch created a really cool custom glossary -  you can download the sample here

David Anderson provides instructions, a demo, and a template to another one here

Here's to hoping my links are working!

Ian Matthews

Hi All, thank-you for the very helpful replies, links and suggestions.

As Wendy and Ashley suggest, I will submit a feature request. I think being able to link the glossary (and possibly notes) would be a useful enhancement. A change would enable designers to tailor and more closely configure the glossary to what the student is actually seeing at that time.

Thinking more about this over the weekend. The player is absolutely the right place for the glossary etc. to be accessed. The page is the place where the reference and definition should be linked - ideally configurable in any order the designer determines.

Thanks again and have a great day!