Storyline 2: Request for a Free Text-to-Speech Software Recomendation


I am developing a New Hire Orientation module on Storyline 2. It requires script narration, in parts. Request your help with the same.

1) Is there a free voice recording Software, which we can select for male/female voice to read script/text instead of hiring a voice over artist?

2) Also, is it possible to select region specific accents in it? The customer is from the Indian Subcontinent therefore, an American accent might stand out.

Thanks in advance.


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Matthew Bibby

Hi S E,

There are a number of programs you can do this with. Although it has been a long time since I've used any of them, so I'm not sure which are free of charge and still being maintained. 

What you are looking for is a text to speech program. Hopefully knowing the correct term will make it easier for you to find an appropriate program. 

If you have access to a Mac, it has text to speech tools installed by default. You can choose the voice you want and get it to read directly from a text file (details here).

Hope that helps!


Hi Matthew,

Thank you for taking the time out to answer my query and also for sharing the right term for it. It definitely will help. In fact, following your recommendation, I will make the relevant change in the title of this discussion. :)

The Mac information will come in handy in future, however, I'm working on a Windows laptop, for now.  :)