Storyline 3 Video always returns to beginning on restart

I am having trouble with a course that has one video (30 min).  It does have 2 slides so that only by advancing to the second slide the course can be marked as completed.  When they close out of the course in the LMS (I believe it is HealthStream), reopening restarts the video instead of resuming where the course closed. 

On the  slide properties, I have it set to 'Resume saved state' when revisiting.  And I have updated the Player to 'Always resume' on restart.  With "prompt to resume" the client never got the prompt.  Can someone please help me with getting the video to resume where it stopped when course closed? 

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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Joanne.

Thank you for reaching out and sharing the .story file!

When a learner exits a slide with a video on it, the default resume behavior is that the slide will reset to the beginning of the video. The only way to save the progress is by going to the next slide. However, there is a workaround that should work for what you need. It's explained in detail here, but the basic idea is this:

  1. Change the player's behavior, so it returns the learner to where they left off.
  2. Create a "Save" button on the same slide as the video. That button should take them to another slide, which will save their progress if they close the course.

In your scenario, you want the "Save slide" to be different from your second slide since completion is marked when they reach the last one. If the course is completed, then they will have to re-start from the beginning. 

Let me know if you have any questions on those steps!