Storyline 360 Simulations

When I create a simulation and run it in preview or publish for lms, I am noticing that the display seems to jump from clear to a bit fuzzy.  When there is an action like typing in a field or clicking on a drop-down list the display is clear, but when the action is complete and the mouse is moving to a new location it become fuzzy.  

Can anyone tell me why or how to remedy?  

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Basia.  Thanks for that description.  It sounds like when Storyline is playing the action from the recording, the video appears blurry.

Can you share your .story file or an example with a screen recording for me to test?  You can use the Add Attachment button in the discussion.  I'd like to investigate what's happening here.  Thanks!

Becca Levan

Hi Christina!

I'm sorry to hear you're facing a similar issue where your simulations aren't looking clear.

  • Does this happen when previewing the slide and after publishing?

Are you able to share your project or the slide with the video in a case so one of our support engineers can help troubleshoot?