StoryLine and exported HTML5 files from 30 day trial version

Dear Sir or Madam,

At the academic institution where I work, senior staff have yet to determine whether they will purchase a full version of StoryLine. I certainly have presented a case to them with a formal demonstration to senior academic staff, using a trial program of StoryLine.

Using the 30 day trial version, I have been working on StoryLine for HTML5 alternatives to Flash media object exercises used in a Moodle e-learning course. Does anyone know if the HTML5 files exported from a StoryLine 30 day trial version have a “limited shelf life” and expire? The 30 day trial version of the program Captivate appears to have an HTML5 export coding “clause” (probably a JavaScript function), which disable the exported web pages after a period of time.

I hope you can help.

With regards,

PJ Wallace
King's College London 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Thiago,

Thanks for the clarification. Once you've created and saved the .story file or any of the published output, you'll have it for as long as you'd like - it won't disappear once the trial is over. If you finish the trial and no longer have Storyline installed you won't be able to open the .story file, but the published output is still accessible and can be loaded onto a web server or LMS, and they don't include an expiration date as a part of the published output files. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi David,

Nothing changed here - you still keep the original .story file, and with Storyline 3 it's a perpetual license, so you'd always be able to open it in Storyline 3 again. 

If you've exported your content or published it, you still will keep that published output on your computer in a series of files/folders typically within the My Articulate Products folder. That doesn't go away if your trial ends or your Articulate 360 subscription expires either. 

Let me know if you've run into any problems or issues and I'd be happy to offer more specifics for you! 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

HI Andrew,

The trial is a full version of the software, so all reporting/tracking should long as you've chosen the right settings at publish. 😉 

What options did you choose/set when publishing to LMS from Storyline? Also, what LMS are you using? You could always look at testing in SCORM Cloud to do a little compare and contract. It's an industry standard for LMS testing and free up to 100 mb. 

Andrew Wolfe

I have tested on SCORM Cloud and am getting the same issue it will show that a person has started the course and will record the quiz score but will not show that the course is completed and the quiz passed.  I have opened a ticket but at this time I am rebuilding the course as we need to have the reporting to work.  It is a shame I liked many of the features but this is a really big bug to not have the course report correctly.


Wendy Farmer

Maybe it's just a fluke it's working for me then.

My understanding and how we use it is to send the quiz results to the LMS on the result slide and then add the completion trigger to a button on the result slide - like the exit button. See this Peek.

Before this trigger we used to add a Javascript trigger to set status to completed for some LMSs so this is why it works well for us.

Test it - can't hurt - it will either work or it won't :-)

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Andrew, 

Reporting and tracking should all work normally from the trial and in your LMS or SCORM Cloud, so I'm glad you shared a copy of your file with our Support team! They'll take a look at all your settings and do some additional testing. They'll be in touch as soon as they can! 

Also, it looks like your trial expires June 2, 2018. We recently increased our trial length, so that should help give you some additional time.