Storyline block's image quality


Forgive me if this has already been covered somewhere. 

I am creating a Rise course and working on a Storyline block. I am able to add and publish a (covid) graph as a web object easily. However, the published version lacks the quality of the original graph. Here is a link to the graph:  (

And here is my published version: (

Does anyone have any advice or tips that will help me to improve the quality of the Storyline web object graph? 

Thank you!!


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Tom Kuhlmann

1. The courses in Review may be a little out of focus because of the way browsers handle the content in the frame. If you publish it, the webobject should look just like it does on the web,

2. You don't need the Storyline block. Use the embed block in Rise and take the iframe the site gives you. It works great. Here's a demo.