Storyline course for mobile viewing


I created a course in Storyline 2 with dimensions: 900 x 540. It has been received well by learners :) But my stakeholders now want the same course to be mobile complaint, so learners can view it on the go. I know I have to publish the content to HTML5, but need to know to confirm a few things:

Do I need to resize the content to optimize it for mobile viewing? Say for iPhone 6 or iPad?

Is it required to always download the Articulate Mobile Player to view the content?

Any other tips?

Any help is much appreciated!

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pratiek ganesh

Hello Nandita,

You don't need to resize the content... just publish the content using HTML5 make sure you have selected the "scale player to fill browser window" option in the player properties( Works for me every time, not sure if necessary) 

You have an option of using/Not using the player (i prefer not using it)  ... if you don't want to use the mobile player just uncheck the option "Use Articulate Mobile player for iOS or Android"