Storyline Demo: ‘Risk Towers’ – with immersive graphics and sound

We’ve recently started using Articulate Storyline (March 2013) and wanted to share with the community what we’ve produced so far.  The course is called ‘Risk Management’ and is set in a fictional building called ‘Risk Towers’ where learners discover what they need to know about risk management.  We’ve spent a lot of time on the graphics and sound to make it more immersive - hopefully this has paid off but we’d love to hear your thoughts!

Many thanks,


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From Steve via LinkedIn:
Hi Owen.
Unfortunately I didn't (keep a copy) and I no longer work at the company where it was built. I am still in touch with some people there. I'm not sure they would want to give out the source files, but they might be willing to share the published version if that helps?

Will keep you updated if he is able to.