Storyline Not loading in Brightspace


We uploaded a SCORM file to a Brightspace (D2L) course but when users get to it it shows three pulsing dots over the storyline interactive. While we can still interact with the storyline project, the dots don't go away. I have tested the file in SCORM cloud and there are no errors. Does anyone have any suggestions for what I can try? I have exported it as SCORM 2.1.



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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Sherri,

Thanks for reaching out for assistance with Brightspace. Testing in SCORM Cloud is our standard recommendation to help identify if the issue lies within the project file or within the LMS and it sounds like you've narrowed it down to Brightspace.

Hopefully, your fellow community members will be able to chime in and help and I would recommend contacting your LMS team/support as well.