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Matthew Bibby

Thanks for this Zsolt.

I love pdfmake, it's so easy to use. 

My biggest gripe is that it's IE support is poor, only IE10 and up and when using IE or Edge, the PDF can only be downloaded, not opened or printed. You'd think that IE10 and up would be fine, however, there are still lots of companies who use IE11 and run it in compatibility mode so it behaves like IE9. So it's worth keeping that in mind. 

Matthew Bibby

Technically, I only have to worry about IE11... in reality, compatibility mode always seems to pop it's nasty little head up! I wish I could just direct the user to run Chrome! 

pdfmake is awesome though, especially compared to the alternatives. I'm doing some stuff with jspdf at the moment and am really missing pdfmake's no nonsense approach.