Storyline SCORM Reporting in Canvas LMS


I have added a Storyline piece to our instance of Canvas LMS. The piece includes some quiz slides and a total possible score of 100 points. After taking the course in Canvas, the total score (e.g. 75/100) is reported to the gradebook, which is great.

I'm wondering if there is any way to be able to see specifically which quiz questions were answered correctly/incorrectly along with just seeing the total score (75/100). For example, John Doe answered "A" on Question 5 when the correct answer was actually "C", or John Doe got the drag and drop question correct, etc.

I tried publishing the Storyline file as SCORM 2004 and also Tin Can API, but neither provides a way to review question by question quiz results - only the total score.

Not sure what is possible here. Hoping someone has some experience with configuring Canvas or Storyline to be able to provide this level of quiz results reporting. Thanks in advance.


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