Storyline Translation - Lots of Movement on Slide

Hi everyone!

Just curious if anyone has done any translation work in Storyline where you have slides that have a lot of movement.

For example, I have slides where over the course of the 2 minute slide, things fade in and out at the top, pointing out their location on a larger graphic. Then, on the bottom of the slide, there's a table that builds with the information that is fading in and out. 

My problem is that we now need to translate this into 5 different languages. So depending on the language, things fade in and out at different times than they would in the English version.

So I'm wondering if there's a "best practice" anyone has come up with. Internally, we've thought of exporting the translation file with the reference column and highlighting the word that corresponds to the time at which an object comes into focus. Then, when the translator does their job, they can highlight the corresponding word in their translation. Once we have the new audio files, we can time accordingly, and then import the next text. 

Just wondering if anyone has come up with another way to handle that.

Thanks so much!


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