Strange lightbox behavior on resume


I wonder if anyone else can confirm this behavior or just me:

1. A slide shows another slide as lightbox

2. User closes the window (without closing the lightbox) in the LMS (it doesn't matter what LMS, we tried in several ones)

3. Course is set to automatic resume. The user relaunches the course. The course resumes.

4. You can see the lightbox content displays. 

However, both the base slide this lightbox was launched from and the lightbox itself  show weird behavior. For example, if the slide that launched the lightbox has an object that originally faded out before, it is no longer faded out. It is there. It's almost like the slide resumed to it original state and then paused. (It doesn't matter if it's set to resumed saved state or reset.)

You can see that in the attached simple example: publish it. Launch it in the LMS. You can see the rectangle fades out. Fire the lightbox by clicking the button. Close the whole window without closing the lightbox. When you resume, the rectangle that previously faded out is there. On timeline start triggers won't work on the slide either. The only way to revive the slide it to jump to it and essentially restart the slide.  

Layers are not an option for this. 

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Zsolt!

It's always helpful to see the file, so thank you for including that! 

This is what I've noticed on my end. It looks like the red box reappears even when it's not there in closing. I've reported this bug to our team and shared your file as well. 

Thank you for bringing this to our attention!