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Crystal Villareal

I am having trouble submitting a case.  I do not receive any type of confirmation that my case has been submitted. I have an old confirmation, but I have not received any help on the issue since first submitting the case.

Issue: I have recently transferred over to a new machine. It appears when I downloaded the Storyline software, not all of the characters transferred over to the new machine. I have the illustrated characters, but not the photographic characters. Are there certain links I will need to reinstall?  The bundle is not anywhere on the old machine.  Please advise.


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Crystal! So sorry the case form wasn't working correctly for you. The last case I see under your Articulate ID is from May 8th regarding triggers, so it looks like this latest case didn't come through. When you do open a new case, you should receive a confirmation email from us immediately.

I'll go ahead and open a new case for you, and we'll get you links to the character bundles you need. Stay tuned!