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Mary Katherine Johnson

Yes, this is possible.  The function is called a Direct Link.  You need to have admin access to the Direct Link security workflow (in the System Admin section of workflows).  Once you have security access, go to the  System Admin menu > Tools submenu >  Direct Links.  Choose the type of direct link you want.  I usually use "Item Details", which takes the user to the course description page.  Then you select the item for which you want the link and choose "Display URL".  The URL can then be included in an email or a web page.  When the user clicks the URL, the user is asked to sign in to the LMS.  UPon successful sign-in, the Item Details direct link would take the user to the course description page.  On that page, the user can then launch online content or register for a scheduled offering of an instructor-led class, whichever the case may be.  Other types of direct links can take the user into the catalog, into a course registration page, launch online content, etc.

Robert Rock

Mary Katherine - to your knowledge is this the only way to launch Storyline 2 content through Success Factors? We do have single sign-on, but are unable to load content form Storyline 2. I wonder if we need to host the content elsewhere and redirect through the process you described above? I use another LMS (Pinpoint Global) for our compliance training, but that LMS allows us to upload content directly as well as access reporting features.