Support Plans for Microsoft's Future Spartan Web Browser?

I was reading this article and watching the embedded video on Microsoft's forthcoming browser (with Windows 10?), Spartan. (Another article.)

The integration with Microsoft's virtual assistant, Cortana, is interesting. 

For example, with HTML5 content, users should be able to highlight a word and get its definition or other information.

Any thoughts on all this in regards to developing e-learning with Storyline?  And, for Articulate, any plans to support Spartan or are you possibly looking at it?


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Gerry,

I haven't read through the information myself yet (thanks for sharing!) but typically our team doesn't share information about new operating systems, devices, etc. that we'll offer support for until those items are released. With that in mind, I don't have any information to share - but you can always share it in the form of a feature request if you'd like to ensure our product development team gets a hold of it.