suspend_data overload

We've a client using SumTotal LMS with SCORM 1.2 publish.

Currently, SCORM 1.2 has a character limit of 4096 characters. However, Storyline output is passing more number of characters, due to which the characters are getting overloaded on their LMS. Storyline is exceeding the character limit of their LMS, due to which bookmarking functionality is not working as expected.

Is there are any way to decrease the character limit which is sent from the Storyline output?

Please note we don't want SCORM 2004 Output.

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Sandeep SD

Is there any development on this front? We have a client askinguser input in form of free text to be stored in moodle LMS. This text will behuge i.e. more than 10000 characters segregated in various text boxes capturingthe inputs on multiple slides. Is there any option in Storyline by virtue ofwhich we can compress the data that helps in retrieving it whileresuming?



Note we strictly need it to be SCORM 1.2 compliant