Tab order issue in storyline 3 - varies according to slide layer?

Hi Everyone,


I'm having an issue with tab order across different slide orders - the order I've set elements up in is working, but where the user 'starts' on the order seems to vary depending on which slide layer they come into the slide from. ie, rather than coming in to the first element in the tab order list, users come in on an element lower down in the order and have to cycle all the way through to get to the intended first element.

Any solutions/thoughts? I've attached the file.

An example is if users are on question 2, then select question 1. When that slide layer opens, the next item in the tab order is 'skip navigation' (I'm testing with NVDA screen reader) and then the previous and next buttons - then back to the intended start of the tab order.

Any help appreciated!

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Vincent Scoma

Hi Alistair, 

Thank you for reaching out! 

After reading your summary and reviewing the thread you provided a link to, the issue might be similar. I would like to review your course, to confirm this and do some additional troubleshooting. 

It looks like your file didn't make it to your original post. You can re-share your course publicly here, or share it privately to me by uploading it here. I'll let you know my findings and will delete it after having a closer look.