Tab Order - Not moving with arrows, not deleting with delete button

Hi out there!

I'm working on slides with a few layers. Not 100% complicated, but not the most simple. 

As I've begun to address tab order I'm finding that adjusting tab order is really glitchy in this situation. When I open the Tab Order applet and attempt to adjust the tab order (yes, I have the custom tab order radio button selected) I am more often than not, and more often in more complicated slides, unable to get any movement from the rows in the Tab Order table. I'm also not able to delete anything. Not all the time. But most of the time. 

Has anyone else experienced this or something similar? Did you find a work around?

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Crystal Horn

Hello back!  ☺️Welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

Can you share an example file of where you're getting this tab order stickiness?  I don't want you to feel frustrated, especially on an already complicated file that you probably spent a lot of time on.  If you want to keep it private, you can upload it here.