Text Entry while hitting Enter

Hi Guys, 

I have a TEXT ENTRY quiz and it doesn't work properly when Enter is hit. If the learner doesn't enter the text in the TEXT ENTRY box but hits Enter they should get "You must complete the question...." but instead it gets them to the Incorrect layer straight away.
It's all fine when the base layer properties are set with Submit button but I have my own personalized Submit button so I can't set this up like that. It looks like a serious bug as Enter should behave the same no matter what settings the base layer have, right? 

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Jacek, 

Here's how Storyline handles the Enter key in data-entry fields: 

* If the data-entry field is tall enough to accommodate more than one line of text, the Enter key will add a line break (return), so the learner can start a new paragraph. 

* If the data-entry field is only tall enough for a single line of text, the Enter key will assign the learner's response to the text field's variable. In other words, it'll submit the learner's response. 

You'll find more details in this article. 

Beata Kuczynska

Hi Ashley, thank you for the effort but this is not what I asked about ;) Once again, when the learner hit Enter without writing anything in the TEXT ENTRY box, they should get "You must complete the question...." rather than INCORRECT layer. Why would just hitting the Enter be counted as INCORRECT?