Text input fields: can end users edit their text other than by backspacing from the last character entered?

Hi everyone,

I've created a project that uses a lot of text-entry boxes and displays all the data entered in a new browser window via Javascript.

The problem is that it seems to be impossible for the end user to edit text in these boxes any in any way other than backspacing from the last character entered. 

This is a pretty huge problem, and I'm hoping there's a Javascript workaround. Has anyone done this?


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Sarah Berry

HI Daniel!

I'm hoping to let users select parts of the text they've entered and change them, like you can in this text edit box (no formatting though!). If you write a paragraph and want to change the first word, it's awful to have to backspace-delete the whole thing and then re-write it! Do I need to program a button to delete a selection and then insert new text into the existing variable text? 

Thanks for any info!

Matthew Bibby

Don't use scrolling panels...

This is a Storyline bug.

Scroll panels have always been glitchy, but I've been noticing other issues with them recently (for example, have a scroll panel that contains multiple web objects, works fine in HTML5 output but in Flash when viewed in IE11, any web objects that aren't visible initially in the scroll panel will never load...)

Contact Articulate Support regarding this issue and provide a link to this thread. Hopefully, it's something they can fix in an upcoming release.

In the meantime, you'll need to find an alternative solution. 

The only alternative I can think of is to build your text entry fields in HTML, with some JS to pass their contents to Storyline as the text is entered and then bring those text entry fields into SL via a web object.

Convoluted? Yes. But it should resolve this issue.

Sarah Berry

Thanks Matthew, I really appreciate your expertise.

Unfortunately I can only develop in SL, rather than an HTML framework that delivers content to SL (it has to be uploaded to an LMS as a SCORM package). 

I think I just need to create a sequence of layers so each data-entry box has a full screen, which will obviate the need for scrolling panels.

Thanks fo much for your quick response to my question and knowledgable response!


Daniel Servan

Hi Sarah,

The Text Entry area is too small. That is why you decided to add a scroll panel. How about adding a small button on the right and launch a Layer for the Text Entry Input without a scroll panel.
It is like a small popup layout just for the input with a close X button.
I have also disabled the Text Entry while the Popup is active.

See the attached sample for my solution.

Matthew Bibby
Sarah Berry

Unfortunately I can only develop in SL, rather than an HTML framework that delivers content to SL (it has to be uploaded to an LMS as a SCORM package). 


This can all be included in the SCORM package and works fine in an LMS. But it sounds like you've found an option that'll work for you, so that's the important thing!