text is cut off

Ok so here is a new one. For some reason now the text in my text boxes is being cut off even though the text box is set to resize shape to fit text and I have not adjusted the margins.

I am using arial 14pt and there is nothing else on the screen that could be blocking the text and my preview size is set to 100%.

This is really slowing me down so if anyone has any tips or suggestions I'm open to hear them.

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Colette!

Thank you for attaching those screenshots!

We'll need a few more details to nail down the root of the issue.

  • Is the screenshot of the textbox in Storyline or a published output like LMS or Web?
  • Did you create this slide using Storyline, or did you import the slide from PowerPoint?
  • Do you see this issue with every slide or just this one? 
  • Can you share your file with us so we can determine what is causing the text box to shift? Here's a private upload link.

These questions will get us started! I'm looking forward to finding the fix!

Ryan Seratt

Hi All,

The same thing seems to be happening to me.  It's only in one shape on one slide.  We have rebuilt the shape but the issue continues.  When we drag the shape and increase the size it gets worse.  It was created in SL.

Lauren I sent the project to you in the private upload link above.  case number 02454010

DQS eLearning

Thank you, Lauren. It was logged as a software bug. 

However, if anybody else experiences the same issue:  As a work-around, Lejan suggested that I'd use a text box, as opposed to a shape, which makes sense to me!  I wasn't even aware that I used a shape, and changing it successfully resolved the issue.