TextEntry vs Essay

Greetings -

I have another question about textentry fields. 

Is there a difference between a a textentry field  that I insert and the textentry field inserts with a survey essay question? I see when I insert an essay question, it gives me a textentry field, same as if I inserted a text field. Is there a difference in number of characters allowed or ADA issues, or anything I should be aware of? 

Thank you again.


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Ren Gomez

Hi Amy,

Great question! The text-entry field itself isn't any different between a survey question and inserting a data entry input. A text variable will still be created for both.

The differences are when you add a survey question, the built-in functionality of a question allows you to choose options such as requiring the user to answer, giving feedback, and setting a limitation on characters. You can read more about form-based questions here

Let me know if you have any further specific questions on this!

Amy Nicholson

Thank you Ren! Much appreciated. Perhaps you can also answer my other question (separate post) about buttons. Same thing - I think that if I insert a shape, give it one or more states, and assign a trigger to it, I have a button, exactly as if I used the insert button feature. I don't see a difference. Is there? Thank you again.