The Resource Doc Black hole.....

I needed to post this to see if this happens to anyone else.   You are working on a course, you are at the point where you have added resource docs.  You then send the file to another person who makes the finishing touches and exports and puts online. When you go to test the online product none of the resource docs or attachments you added are there.  We've had this happen over and over again to the point where you are checking the "Storyline output\story_content\external_files" folder after you publish to make sure the files are there.  It seems that once the storyline file changes hands to another PC the attachments disappear.  It would be nice if the file(s) just stayed with the course as do the audio/video files one may add.  

Does this happen to any one else?  Is it just me? Does anyone have any pointers to avoid it?

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Adam Larson

I have seen that work when everyone is opening the file from the same network and the attachments are housed in the same place.  We run into it when people are working from home and passing thing around off the network.  The VPN is too slow to expect to continue to work on the Storyline file on a network via the VPN.