The size of your e-Learning team?

Hello e-learning heroes, I'm seeking some knowledge. My company is exploring expansion on our e-learning team and as much as I think I know everything ;) I don't. I'm curious about what other companies are doing on their e-learning team.

How big is your company?

How many e-learning team members do you have?

Do you build courses for internal, external, or both?

What is your project work load at any given time? (webinars, on-demand, video production, etc.)

I'm not looking for any insider details just a general understanding of how others are doing things, I don't know what I don't know. Thanks!

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Adam!

Hopefully some community members will chime in to assist you here and you may also find benefit in posting on our Building Better Courses forum

I'm not sure I've seen a question related to size of the team, but you may find some value in some other team related threads here and here in the meantime.