Timeline Stops When Another Tab/Window in the Browser is Clicked

I know there has been a thread or two on this before. However, while those individuals who posted wanted the audio and timeline to stop, I want it to continue playing like it did in Storyline 2. I'm currently using Storyline 360 and I have a timer that's running for 30 seconds for each question slide. When the learner clicks in another tab, the timer pauses which defeats the purpose of having a timer. Also with other slides, I want the training to automatically continue and not pause because another tab or window has focus.

I know there's a timer that I can add that has javascript that may prevent this, but I've tried this and with the other things I have going on with the slide, the timer is acting up. I'm not great with js and would prefer another solution.

So how can I prevent the timeline from pausing when another tab is clicked or when a new window opens?

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Matt McGuire

Patrice and Eugenio-

Not sure this is what you are looking for, but I have created a backward counting timer.  I couldn't find anything in the forums that would tell me how to do it, but there were enough people with different ideas that I was able to create something.

You'll find my post (and the storyline file) here:


Hope it's helpful for you.