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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dorothy,

When you add in audio, Storyline will extend the timeline to match the time of the longest audio piece. So instead of adjusting the timeline of all your slides ahead of time, let Storyline do it once you add in the audio! 

If you need to update the length of the timeline for slides that have shorter audio use these steps:

  • Start to drag your timeline to the left and,
  • then press your LEFT Arrow key.  

This should trim out the empty space bringing the timeline to the end of your audio. Let us know if that helps! 

Sonja Osborn

Hi! Thank you for the tip. I tried this but it simply moves the playhead to the beginning of the timeline rather than cropping out space between the longest media and the end line.  Should this tip still be applicable, or has it been lost after an update?  I run everything on triggers and at this point would love to just remove the whole "end" feature all together, it's taking so much manual adjustment.

Lauren Connelly

Hello Sonja!

Have you tried using the "Align to Playhead" feature? This will move the audio or object to the designated spot on the timeline. 

If you're looking to step away from the trigger, "When the timeline ends", could you try using "When the media completes"?

Please keep me updated, and let me know if I can clarify!