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Hi all,

This may already be possible (or something similar); please let me know, if so. If not, please add your thoughts if it sounds useful.

I'm looking for a feature that allows me to place the playhead in the timeline and only see and work with elements that are visible on screen at that moment in the course. I'm working with images and text which appear and disappear to complement the narration, and even though I'm grouping these it's getting very time-consuming to keep hiding and unhiding most of the slide content so I can see and manipulate the parts I'm editing. Some sort of control to toggle 'timeline snapshot view' on and off so I can choose whether to show the elements on screen at a point in the timeline, or everything on that slide at once would make my work sooo much more efficient and painless.

Would this be useful for others? Or is there some easy way around this I've missed? (I know I can play the slide in edit mode to see what's on screen at a given point, but once I pause to edit I'll just have a load of overlapping, illegible content again :S)

Thank you in advance!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tamara,

Thanks for sharing that detailed idea here - and it's certainly something I've seen other users write about but it's not currently a feature of Storyline. Its definitely something to share thought in terms of a feature request - as those go directly to our product development team who don't get in the forums as often. 

Please feel free to let us know if you need anything else and keep the good ideas coming!