Timer to use in Storyline

As some of you probably know by know I'am developing a basic math course for primary and secondary school. The idea in this is that the learners have to help 'Chunky' around the world by passing several information points.

On each information point they can increase their knowledge about a certain topic. If they don't get this knowledge they can't help Chunky to the next information point. On each info point the learners can 'play' some games and take all the time that they need. After this they have to do an 'evaluation' about the things that they've learned by playing the games.

For this 'evaluation' I was searching for a kind of timer that I can use to measure their time. I couldn't find the right one so I designed one by myself. (you can see the timer in action by clicking on the image). If you like the timer feel free to use it in your own courses. The images that I've used are here

 If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know.

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Kyle Yates

Hi all,

I realize this thread is rather old but I think I had an alternative to contribute.  I'm new to articulate but my background is in film, so I just found a video of a countdown timer and inserted it into articulate.  

Then I set the "video" to start based on a custom button trigger & pause with the primary media.  In order to get that video to reset to initial state I actually had to "stop media" when the custom replay button was clicked on.

Its just a single unfinished slide from a larger project but you can see the process or even copy the mp4.