Help!!! I am struggling with this slide i have put together and toggling the buttons. I am unsure if it is the right way to go (toggling or if there is a different option) on this slide so open to ideas. But i am looking for the user to click "Agents", "Av Wait Time", "Occupancy" & "Service Level" and for them to see the data that is behind them. 

And once they have all been viewed, for the next button to appear. 

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Nyla Spooner

I have a similar dilemma, but I am trying to toggle between multiple states.  Up to 6 on one slide. I am trying to decide if I should use states vs. layers and hover vs. click-to-reveal (the selected trigger). I need the learner to be able to click through the buttons and hide the other button content as they do so. I can't find a way to do it without building in a whole lot of triggers. Any ideas are so greatly welcomed.

Walt Hamilton

If you are cycling through 6 options, you are going to need a handful of triggers. Probably more than 10 and fewer than 100. I don't know how big your hands are, so I don't know if that constitutes a "whole lot" or not.

Seriously, probably using layers is the key to using the fewest triggers, and you'll get specific and a lot better help if you attach your slide here.