Track a Score in a game like project

I wanted a method of tracking three different scores as individual numbers and as part of a total score. I researched this in the Articulate Community but did not find a method anyone else had done. If you have a better way of accomplishing my end result, please share it here.

I am building a project for a client that is game like and can track a total score for 3 topics. The player can take the course in any order so the score had to only add each topic as it was taken. We also wanted the player to pass quiz questions and to find hidden information and points. This was to make the must have information be the basic points and some nice to know information be extra points. The idea was to allow the player to explore, but gain the important information they really needed.

As I started this project, I decided to use custom variables as it is nearly impossible to work with the results slides built in variable. My problem was getting the custom variables to only add up to the score for each topic. Since a variable works through the entire project, the variable for each topic kept adding in as I completed each topic. The project has a Progress slide that shows the score for each topic and the total points. Having the icon for each topic show with the points was the easy part. Getting each topic’s total only showing once was the issue. I tried subtracting the topic from the total score as I completed each topic, but that did not work.

The solution was to create a variable for each Menu (topic), and set the variable for that topic as the player completes it. This allowed the individual topic score to be recorded but then add the three variables as the total score.

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If you have a better solution, post it here. I would love to see another way of doing this.

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