Tracking "interactions" besides Quiz ones ?

So I've been trying to figure if/how Storyline was pass an interaction that wasn't from a quiz. So if you are slide X.5 and you click on a button and jump to slide Y.3 , is there something in the output that will check if I user clicked on the button?

Do I need to go to something /lms folder post output (and upload to LMS (Bridge))?  Something that'll at least spit OUT that a learner clicked on <<ButtonName>>? - Because, I'm thinking, as long as that "thing" the learner "interactions with" is uniquely named (eg, via the Timeline), that's really the least amount that you'd need passed. Because you could just write down somewhere where "thing" lives and what "thing is doing" somewhere else.

I mean, if something is Named in the time and user clicks on it, that's considered an "interaction" that I *should* be able to track, right? Bridge just says it'll catch if you can pass it. So now I'm on the "passing side" wondering ...HOW?

I've figured out that cmi.interactions are the "what" get passed via "scorm explained" but my head is spinning. Whatta way to spend a Sunday.

Thanks in Advance!



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Crystal Horn

Hi Alison. That is a pretty intense way to spend a Sunday...I hope your head has stopped spinning!

Storyline only sends quiz data to an LMS. That doesn't mean you need your interactions to look like quizzes, however. You can easily convert an existing slide into Pick One "quiz" interaction that will submit the learner's choice. You'll need one more piece to get their choice(s) to an LMS: a Results slide. Again, it doesn't have to look like a Results slide; the learner simply has to land on it, and the trigger to "submit results" has to fire, typically when the timeline starts.

Using your scenario, if you just need to confirm that the learner has clicked on that button on slide X.5, make it a Pick One interaction with the button as the correct answer. Somewhere in the course, plant a results slide that tracks slide X.5 (and any other similar slides) so you can get that data from their interactions.

Let me know if that helps!

Alison  L.

"Storyline only sends quiz data to an LMS." 

A tad pouty since if I were to build out an interaction that tracks if/when someone clicks on a "thing" in a slide that reveals more content (in aaaa... Pyramid, accordion, checklist, tabs, timeline. etc etc) .

It seems if there was someway to put some magic (Execute) JavaScript in the slide (like, "passes this CMI.Intereaction thingy info to the LMS), someone would have mentioned it by now.  Same thing with like, modificating configuration.js in Output land. 

Bridge (The *MASSIVE AIR QUOTES* LMS) Is of the ilk that if the authoring tool can PASS cmi calls to it, Bridge would snag it up.

Like you said, basically: Learn to use the quizing things "creatively".   Which I can certain try. 

But it IS really good to know this upfront, so I can curtail this exercise in futility! So THANK YOU! 


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Alison, 

I'm not sure that I'm following what you're asking here.

When you publish to an LMS using Storyline 360, you can track by the following:

  • Track using number of slides viewed: Mark this option to trigger course completion when learners view a specific number of slides.
  • Track using quiz result: Mark this option to track learners based on their quiz results. If your course has multiple quizzes, choose the one you want to track. (This option will be grayed-out if your course doesn’t have any result slides.)
  • Track using complete course trigger: Mark this option to track learners based on course completion triggers you added to your course. (This option is grayed-out if your course doesn't have any completion triggers.)

If tracking by quiz result, you will need a result slide to send to the LMS.

Please let me know how I can further help or what I may be missing in your latest reply.