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We are working on a course that will be translated into a wide number of languages. We noticed that when publishing to Word the text "Feedback when correct" and "Feedback when incorrect" is not translated while the rest of the page headers are translated, based on the language set for the player.  We have looked at the player settings, as well as the translation export (text is not included in the export). We have also looked at the feedback master and cannot find where this text (Feedback when correct/incorrect) is located. 

Does anyone know where this text resides so we can translate it? Image attached to show the English text in the German output

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Katie Riggio

Hi Shawn,

Thank you for bringing this experience up! I have the same one when publishing a sample question slide to Word:


Other than the 'You are correct' and 'That is incorrect' text labels, I do not see where Feedback when incorrect and incorrect: can be accessed within Storyline.

My hunch is that since this wording won't impact the course's functionality and learners cannot see it, it won't appear in the text labels and translation export. I'll document this with our team, though, and notify you of any changes!

For now, a few ideas:

  • Edit the feedback text in the Word document
  • The feedback text does not appear when exporting to Word (excellent detective work!)

Let me know if any more thoughts pop up! Happy to help.