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Walt Hamilton

Probably not, if you are using the resources tab. Its contents are globally available.

If you aren't using it, you could take the tab off all the slides but one. On that slide, you could make resources show, and lightbox it.

I would much prefer to have a layer, or to lightbox a slide that has the resource link on the slide body.

Kristin Koeleman

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Thank you for the quick reply. So you are saying create a lightbox - maybe with a button that says "Click here for the answer key" - and the lightbox would have the answers, or a link to a PDF? I would like a PDF so they can print and use as a resource.

Jerry Beaucaire

Suggestion 1: Put the answer key on a LIGHTBOX SLIDE

Then on the RESULTS slide you can have a normal button to answer and view the Answer Key.


Suggestion 1: Create a Custom Tab called ANSWER KEY

Set this custom tab to unchecked in the Player settings.

Then use some Javascript on the Results slide to make it visible again.   Here is a thread where they talk about doing this.

Kristin Koeleman

P {margin-top:0;margin-bottom:0;}

I like the first idea - but can they print it from the lightbox slide? It will be detailed, and I want them to keep it to use as a reference guide.

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