Trigger to show Next button when audio completes

Hi all: I have a mandatory compliance course that requires the user to watch the entire course. I am looking for an easy way to set it up so they have to stay on each slide until it ends. I don't see a trigger option to "show" the NEXT button "when media completes" or when "timeline ends." Am I missing something? I'd like to add a simple trigger to all slides that does this. Thanks!

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Walt Hamilton

Change state of Next button to Hidden when timeline starts

Change state of Next button to Normal when audio ends

You may be able to put at least the first trigger on the Master slide

Some people don't like to hide the Next button because then the previous button slides over in its place. Others don't like to disable it because the user is left with a button they can't use, with no explanation why.

Melanie Sobie

There is a better way!  Don't set Next/Hidden/Start, etc., on each slide in SL360. You can globally set the restriction. 

Please see the instructions for - Restrict or Lock the Menu and the Previous/Next Buttons for All Slides here: