Trigger wizard: Submit interaction

I am trying to get a graphic to slowly shift to right (or left) when I hover over it. Can do it in HTML5 (Tumult Hype) but want to know if I can get it done in Storyline. See for example

Initially I thought I could use the trigger wizard, submit interaction but then I realised I have never used submit interaction before and cannot recall one example where I saw this feature used or explained.

Does anyone out there know, how to set up an interaction and then to get the trigger wizard to "submit interaction"?

Maybe I should start off by asking - what constitutes an interaction in Storyline? 

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Alphonso Hendricks

Now that I've played around with wmv, I realise this not going to get me close to the desired effect. For one thing, I cant pick up text on base layer while a video is playing on a layer.

Maybe i should settle for simple solution. Just create different states for base image. One that appears to have shifted upward toward ocean surface when i select  SHALLOW and one that appears to shift downward toward ocean floor when I select DEEP WATER text