Triggering a Layer with Two Not Equal to Triggers

I have a text entry field in a simulation where the user is required to enter a line of text. I want a layer (showing an error massage) to trigger if the text entry is not equal to two options. It works with one option but not with two. I've attached an image of how the trigger looks. It does not seem to like the 'not equal to' value being used more than once in the conditions.


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Walt Hamilton

This trigger will always fire. Even if the user enters one of the acceptable answers, it will not be equal to the other (assuming they are different; hard to tell from the picture), and will show the try again layer.

Join them with is not = AND is not equal. That way, if the answer is equal to one of them, it won't show the try again layer.

CAVEAT:This is just a guess; it's hard to be sure without seeing the .story file.

William Beardsley

Thanks Walt. The only difference between the two options is a full stop at the end of one of them. 

Can you explain what you mean by "join them with is not = And is not equal"? Are you meaning to change the AND/OR option to AND rather than OR?

PS The .story file is quite large which is why I didn't attach it.