Triggering multiple layers on results page


I'm knew to the E-Learning Heroes community and here is my first question!

I am building an equality and diversity course where the learner is first asked to choose how aware they think they are (survey multiple choice). I store the choices to a variable "Awareness" (1-5).

The learner then does a series of questions and at the end sees a results page with standard stuff plus a rating of how aware they actually are compared with how aware they thought they were.

I'm using layers for feedback and have no problem getting it to rate the user e.g. "Show layer Very ware when timeline starts if Results1.Score is >=20"

The problem occurs when I try to add a second trigger to show the original survey choice so I would like it to say:

You thought you were: Very aware

The results show you are: Not aware

Although this trigger works it seems to stop the "You thought you were" trigger working.

I can't seem to get the two triggers to work at the same time.

Is this a bug? Is there a workaround?

Your help would really be appreciated.



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