Trouble making an interactivy work on a slide.

I have a slide that I have been stuck on for a few days now trying to get to work right. I'm new to Storyline and Articulate. I've got shapes across the top of my slide labeled 1-6 and I've made those shapes work like buttons by using format painter. I want to force the user to have to click thru each step so I've gotten all steps except 1 as disabled. I've set triggers for each step to change the state of the next step to normal when the user clicks the previous step. For some reason there is a disconnect and it won't work. I've done this before and so I know it is possible. Just missing something. You can go to each step but you have to click the next button on the player for the next step to be able to be selected. Any suggestions would be great. Been stuck a few days.

Thank you!


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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Denise,

First - i wish we could, but we're not able to modify titles. I think it's fine, for now - if you're truly concerned with it, I can delete the entire thread and you can post a new one. I think it's still pretty clear, however and you should be fine with the current title :)

Second -

I cannot see your layers in the screenshot nor how they're functioning. The firs thing that comes to mind is to adjust the order of the triggers so that the state change occurs before the layer is shown.

If that doesn't help, please consider sharing your .story file, so we can take a look at how this is all set up and what's happening.

If the file is over 20 MB, you may want to import just this slide into a new file, so we can focus on the content and so you can avoid any issues uploading the file to the forums.

Importing from Another Storyline Project - E-Learning Heroes

Please let us know how it goes!


Michael Gallagher

Hi Denise, The problem is that you have the slide layer properties set incorrectly.

Click the gear icon on each layer and de-select "Prevent the user from clicking the base layer". That's why you can't select the other buttons on the main layer.

Also, you need to delete the second "Jump to next slide" trigger at the bottom of the "triggers" panel.

Hope that helps.

Mike G