troubleshooting when publishing to web

I have two questions:

Does anyone know if when publishing a storyline project to the web, why we would not see a story.js file anymore in the story_conent folder? This seems to be a relatively recent change that we are noticing in published files. 

We are doing some troubleshooting and have noticed this as something that is different from other files.

Additionally, we are getting this error:

actionator::exeJavaScript - $ is not defined

in ds-bootstrap.min.js:11 

Has anyone seen this and know that it is about?

Thanks very much,


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Adena Wilson

Hi Jeff. I am pretty sure that it is related to an update. So we rolled back Storyline to prior to that update and it published with the story.js file. You might need to go back to the January 28, 2020 update and try that. I think that is around the time that I posted the item in the forum. 

I am sorry that I cannot be more help with this.