"Try Mode" Interactive Simulation

Am I able to import a screencast recording created using a separate software, or do I have to record my screen within Storyline to make an interactive simulation?

I've watched a few tutorials but can't seem to find the answer- instead, most of the tutorials pick up after the video has already been recorded.


Thank you!

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Laura Gough

Hi Leslie- thanks for your response.  The only reason I was looking to record outside of Storyline is because even when selecting "full screen", it doesn't seem to actually be recording at 1920x1080p quality.  It will record the correct size of my screen, but the video quality is still poor and much of the text is blurry.  

Am I missing something?  Is there a way to record at 1920x1080p?


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Laura!

Is your Story size set to allow the screen recording, your player settings set not to scale, and your publish quality set as you wish?

The Quality field lets you control the compression settings Storyline uses for audio, video, and pictures in your course. The quality settings default to whatever you used the last time you published a course. To change them, click the blue text, make your adjustments, then click OK.

  • Choose Standard if you want to use the default settings: video quality of 5, audio bitrate of 48kbps, and image quality of 80%.
  • Choose Custom if you want to define your own quality settings, then drag the slider for any of the three values to change the compression. Using higher values gives you higher-quality output but also results in larger file sizes (which means longer download times). Lower values give you smaller file sizes and faster download times, but the visual and audio quality will be lower as well.