Typing in Notes box is extremely slow


I am creating a course in Storyline 360 and am having a problem typing text into the Notes box. It is extremely slow, so bad that instead I type into a Word file and copy & paste into SL.

I see that there were a number of issues similar to this in earlier threads but they are all 3-8 years old. Are there any new fixes for this issue?


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Kristin Hatcher

Hi Nina, I have a similar problem in that When I try to copy/paste text into the Notes box, I place my cursor in the notes box, I can see that it is there, and if I go to paste the text, the text does not end up there. I always have to click inside the Notes box two or three times to make sure my cursor is actually there. 

Lauren Connelly

Hi Nina and Kristin!

I'm sorry to hear you both are running in a similar snag with typing in the Notes section in Storyline 360. I want to gather more information so that I can report this to my team.

  • Are you finding this behavior happens in all projects?
  • Is it specifically with the Notes section in all slides?
  • Which version of Storyline are you using?

I'll make sure to share this with my team to determine what the next steps are.

Kristin Hatcher

Hi Lauren, 

I am on an older version of Articulate as I'm awaiting an important bug fix. However, in testing the latest version it appears that the focus will change once I've clicked twice in the Notes section (focus doesn't change upon the first click). This is an improvement from previous versions, as it appears I can reliably ensure the focus has changed upon the second click in the notes section (that was not the case previously). 

The issue does happen across all projects. It is only something that seems to happen with the Notes section. 


Thank you for asking!

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Kristin,

Thanks for sharing some additional details on what you're experiencing. I do not see other reports of issues with the Notes focus, so I'd like to ask a couple of additional questions. You mention that it's not happening in all projects.

I took a look, using Build 3.51.24979.0, and here's what I'm seeing:

  • Auto-focus in the notes field when first accessing the notes tab.
  • One-click focus in the notes field when moving to another slide if the notes tab is open.

Lauren Connelly

I'm so sorry, Kristin! I see I misread your reply. Thanks for confirming this issue occurs across all projects in the Notes section.

As Leslie shared, we don't see this behavior in Storyline 360 (Build 3.51.24979.0). Are there any similarities across all of your projects like Slide Masters or images?